WELCOME to eRESPONSe, the L&A Risk Management Services aircraft satellite tracking service via Spidertracks (and other satellite systems by arrangement)

eRESPONSe is the simple solution to flight following for your operations. Our professional team is ready activate your Emergency Response Plan (ERP) should the need arise.

For example, should an alert be raised by the pilot in flight we will activate the INCERFA phase of the process (after receiving your approval to do so). Your uploaded ERP call-out checklist in the L&A eRESPONSe system will then be used for the call-out process.

We have enabled a simple procedure for you to access the eRESPONSe system, which provides three service options:
  • Once-off flight tracking
  • Short term contract (1-11 months for up to 5 aircraft per AOC) - you decide the period by noting this in the agreement
  • Annual contract (for up to 5 aircraft per AOC)

To obtain further information or to register for the eRESPONSe service, please complete and submit the registration details of your company in the form below - you will then receive a User Name and Password.

Company Details

Company Name

Company Size (Aircraft)
Physical Address

Telephone Number

Fax Number

Email Address

Contact Person Details

If your contact person is already a member on the eResponse system please enter their email address, if not please fill in all their details starting with their email.

Email Address

First name


Contact Number


Please login to eRESPONSE and upload the requested COMPANY information/AIRCRAFT information/SATELLITE TRACKING UNITS information.

Please download the following agreements as required:

  • L&A RMS eRESPONSE agreement (flight following/INCERFA phase and ALERFA phase incident Room activation)
  • L&A RMS Spidertracks rental agreement (if applicable)
  • Request to purchase a Spidertracks S3 or S5 unit (please refer to www.spidertracks.com for initial information)
  • KENYON Emergency Services International Inc. (DISTRESFA phase disaster management) agreement


An invoice will be forwarded to you immediately after you have registered for the applicable service and have uploaded the signed agreement in eRESPONSE as above.


If you require individual aircraft to be tracked please complete the FLIGHT PLAN details by clicking here.


If you have requested a short term or annual eRESPONSE service, the flight following will commence on the date you have selected and the aircraft you have identified with specific Spidertracks or other satellite tracking units.


Thank you, L&A Risk Management services looks forward to providing your flight safety net into the future.